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Should I crate train? How do you crate train a dog?

There are many benefits to crate training, including safety of the dog, providing a secure place for them, aiding in house training, preventing damage, and helps prepare your dog for traveling. Crate trained dogs tend to get into less mischief, which helps improve the relationship between person and pet. A crate should only be used in a positive way. Please click here to learn how to crate train.

Do you have any house training tips for dogs?

Yes! There are many things you can do to help your puppy or dog become house trained. Remaining positive and praising them when they go to the bathroom outside is one step, as well as maintaining a consistent schedule. Please click here for more information.

I just adopted a dog or I am thinking about it. How do I make sure they get a good start in their new home?

Setting your new dog up with a safe place in your home while you are gone is one great way to help them get used to your home safely. A crate or baby gated, dog-proofed area may be good options for you. Making sure they are safe during the car ride home and keeping them on leash with you when exploring their home at first are also good things to do. 

I need dog training help. Where can I go?

Luckily, there are many wonderful dog trainers in the Quad Cities. Please call us at (309) 787-6830 Option #1 and we can share some businesses names with you.

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