Pawsitive Pawgress Program

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Our Pawsitive Pawgress Program is a shelter animal enrichment & training program geared for helping animals and people! 

Although we make every effort for our shelter to be welcoming, it is a drastic change and stressful experience. Animals experience fear, anxiety, stress, and frustration when they confined to a place with people and sounds they are unfamiliar with. 

The Pawsitive Pawgress Program focuses on continued training, increases adoptability, and provides a little extra help to transition to animals to their new home! Our compassionate team and dedicated volunteers provide our animals with enrichment activities for mental and physical stimulation. 

Dogs who are in need of behavior modification go home with THREE free training sessions from Janette Park with KindK9s!

Here's what Janette had to say; "Kind K9s was founded with one guiding principle. Our dogs are our family, and deserve to be loved just like family. The journey to create our kindness-based training program began, because in seeking quality training for my own dogs, I found that there were limited options for people seeking positive reinforcement based training in the QC area. 
Kind K9s is proud to offer training to private individuals and local Quad City shelters. We don’t just teach commands, like “sit” and “stay”, we teach you how to “speak your dog’s language”, and create long lasting bonds built on love and trust. The Kind K9s commitment to our clients and our community is to help pets, and their pet parents, enjoy training and get the results that they want, through a fully positive process. We’re excited to meet you and your pup!" 

Janette Park, CPDT-KA, VSA-DTC, FDM, KPA CTP, ABCDT, is a Fear Free Certified Animal Trainer, AKC Evaluator, Certified Trick Dog Instructor, and Canine Conditioning Fitness Coach. Janette can be reached at (309) 948-3815.

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