Paws to Recycle

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, & Rescue!

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Join QCAWC & Cimco Recycling Milan, Inc for the Paws to Recycle Program!

Here's how it works: Take your recycling to Cimco Recycling Milan, Inc and ask them to donate your $$$ from recycling back to the Quad City Animal Welfare Center!

  • Recycling reduces waste sent to landfills and incinerators.
  • Recycling prevents pollution.
  • Recycling conserves natural resources.
  • Recycling conserves energy.
  • Recycling creates jobs, producing economic benefits.
  • And now through Paws to Recycle - Recycling will help make a difference in your community and in the lives of homeless animals!

Here is a LIST OF ITEMS that you can take to have recycled! 

Cimco Recycling located at 1709 1st Avenue East in Milan is a full-service scrap metal yard occupying 8 acres just south of Interstate 280 near the Quad City airport.

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