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What do I do if my cat is scratching where I don’t want them to?

Scratching is a very natural and important behavior for cats, and there are several things that can help you (and your furniture!) peacefully co-exist with your kitty’s claws. Provide appropriate scratching surfaces, discourage inappropriate scratching, and nail trim!

Please check out this flyer we hand out to adopters for more information on cat scratching and how to nail trim. Nail trimming is also offered during our Drive-Up Wellness Clinics. Click herefor more information on Clinic.

Help! My cat isn’t using the litterbox. What do I do?

Your first step should be going to your veterinarian to rule out any medical issues. Sometimes, litterbox aversion can be a sign of a medical problem, including but not limited to infections or parasites. 

After a vet has ruled out medical causes, some tricks to try include cleaning the box(es) as often as possible, adding additional boxes, and using plain cat litter. Click here to check out a PDF with even more ideas.

I just adopted a cat. How do I make sure they get a good start in their new home?

Please take it slowly. Give your new cat time to get adjusted, and make sure they have a safe place to hide and kick back. Even though it is a great change to be adopted, even good life changes can be stressful for a cat at first. Please check out this flyer on 9 Ways to Welcome Home Your New Cat for more information.

I just got another cat or am planning on it. How do I make sure the new cat and my existing cat get along?

Slow introductions are key to helping a new and existing cat get along.  You start off the new cat in their own room, and eventually introduce them to the rest of your household. This process of adding a new cat to the main area of your household can take just a few weeks, but sometimes it can take a few months before everyone is completely comfortable with change. Get all the details by clicking here.

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