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Hi, I’m Molly

Forever home found 6 years ago

Although he was very sweet and would have made a wonderful family member, I kept looking around. I came across this sweet, tiny and very energetic black lab mix. Her name was Molly. Well let me tell ya, we got home and all it took from us was a couple belly rubs and some good food and she was passed out on the couch ready to cuddle anyone that'll sit down next to her. She's not the crazy girl I thought she was gonna be in the shelter (although I was willing to take on the challenge). Which gets to my point, to anyone thinking about adopting- generally people tend to choose the more mellow dogs, let Molly be a great example that the environment of the shelter changes their personality a bit. Always try to give them a chance. Molly has separation anxiety and Quad City Animal Welfare Center went above and beyond to make sure she went to a home with all the tools to thrive including, giving me a plastic crate because I had a wire one and knew she had bad luck in those, a Kong, peanut butter, a blanket and the best present of all, Miss Molly. Thank you sooo much. The absolute best shelter I've ever been to. They truly care about the animals well-being. We couldn't be happier with the newest addition to our family!

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