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Hi, I’m KoKo

Forever home found 5 years ago

"This is KoKo 4 months after I got her. She is a delight to have around. She used to not meow, purr, or cuddle. Now she is a bit noisy, she purrs up a storm, and is a side cuddlier and follows me everywhere. She still is tiny for her age 4 years old (about 4 ½ lbs.) but will put her brother Socks (a tuxedo cat, 14 lbs.) and sister Gracie (a snowshoe cat, 12 ½ lbs.) in their place if they have a little tussle. I could not imagine life without her! The second picture is the day I got KoKo (August 2017). She was a scared little kitty and weighed under 4 Lbs. I don’t think she ever used a cat box in her life and her cat sister had to show her how useful it was!"

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