Celebrate Your Pet's Adoptaversary By Holding A Facebook Fundraiser!

Adoptaversary post

Congrats on your pet's upcoming adoptaversary! We bet you will be celebrating with lots of love and treats, of course! 

How about celebrating your pet's Adoptaversary by holding a Facebook Fundraiser? It's easy!

Log in to your Facebook. 

On your smartphone search "Fundraiser."

Hit the "+ Create Fundraiser."  Choose "non-profit organization." Select Nonprofit - in Search Bar and enter "The Quad City Animal Welfare Center."

Edit "Fundraiser Title" and name your fundraiser. This is the fun part! for a title, you could use "Happy Adoptaversary Cali" or "Happy Gotcha Day Cali"! 

 "Description" - Add the fun information about your Pet's Adoptaversary! You should also mention how making a donation will help save the lives of homeless animals. 

Set your $$$ goal amount. 

Choose your end date. We suggest your fundraiser running for about three weeks. 

You can edit the picture and upload a super cute picture of your pet!

Hit "Create." Have fun with it! Invite your friends and family. Post updates, and don't forget to thank your supporters!

On behalf of the animals you have joined us to save by celebrating your pet's Adoptaversary and holding a Facebook Fundraiser, thank you!

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