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Birthdate: 3 years old

Balto is a Malamute Mix was born in 2015. Weighing in at 120 pounds of fluff, he is as cuddly as a teddy bear and is looking for a breed savvy owner.

Balto is playful, active, affectionate and like many malamutes, an escape artist so he needs a secure fenced yard.

Though he is not cat or dogs safe we know his perfect forever home is out there!

Malamutes are a very intelligent breed so they need to be kept busy to be as mentally and physically fit as possible. He will thrive with regular exercise and training!

Want to meet Balto? Then please call Amber at (309) 787-6830 ext. 37 to make an appointment to meet her!

The Quad City Animal Welfare Center's Adoption & Education Center is located at 724 2nd Avenue W. in Milan, IL. We are open Monday-Saturday noon to 5 p.m., extended hours until 6 p.m. on Wednesdays, and closed on Sundays.

Quad City Animal Welfare Center has been saving animals one life at a time since 1977!

Gender: Male
Breed: Malamute mix
Age: 3 years
Color: white
ID: 18-0018
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