Heart of Gold Adoption Special

To highlight our dogs that have been treated for heartworm disease, we are offering an adoption special for the month of September! It is just $50 to adopt a fully vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and microchipped dog who has been treated for heartworm disease.

In addition to that, we are also sending them home with one free month of heartworm prevention. It is very important they remain on it for the rest of their lives so they never have to battle heartworm disease again!

Since treatment is complete, all the adopters need to do is keep their new dog rested for a few weeks, keep up on monthly preventative, and then re-test them a few months later to make sure treatment was 100% effective.

This month we are also focused on heartworm education.

Heartworms are parasites that inhabit the hearts and lungs of infected dogs. Heartworm disease will lead to death if untreated. The prevalence of this deadly disease has increased steadily since it was first identified.

Heartworm infection is transmitted by mosquitoes. While biting an infected dog, a mosquito draws in some blood in which immature heartworm larvae are circulating. The larvae migrate through the tissue and into the bloodstream while continuing to develop.

Within six months, heartworms reach the heart and lungs, causing heartworm disease. Some signs of heartworm disease in dogs are coughing, difficulty breathing, sluggishness, and reduced ability to exercise. We live in an area where heartworm preventative is recommended year round.

Quad City Animal Welfare Center advises that you protect your dog against this threat. Since it only takes one mosquito to pass heartworm disease to your dog, even dogs who are rarely outdoors benefit from preventative (mosquitoes do come inside!).

A simple blood test should be performed by a veterinarian to see if your dog is positive before preventative medication is started.

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